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Henri Eteläpelto is the new Director of Hansakortteli 

Henri Eteläpelto is the new Director of Hansakortteli 

Henri Eteläpelto started as Director of Hansakortteli on 1st of  October 2023. The new Director of Hansakortteli has 20 years of experience in the real estate and shopping center sector. Eteläpelto worked before Hansakortteli in a real estate investment company specializing in the grocery trade.

Hansakortteli is a familiar place for Eteläpelto, as he has had a lifelong connection with the shopping center as a Turku native.

"I remember from the 1980s when Hansakortteli was being built, and as a young boy, I went to see the large pit in the city center. I also spent a lot of time in Hansakortteli during my youth. It feels unique to now have the opportunity to lead such a Turku icon," says Eteläpelto.

Eteläpelto has worked for nearly 20 years in various real estate investment companies, where he was responsible for managing and developing shopping centers and commercial spaces. He holds a Bachelor's degree in facility and property management. Before joining Hansakortteli, Eteläpelto worked at Cibus Nordic Real Estate AB, which specializes in investments in grocery store properties.

"In recent years, significant investments have been made in Turku city center, and we undeniably have one of Finland's finest urban centers. Now, we are wholeheartedly committed to enhancing the appeal of the city center even further, for locals, tourists, and business professionals," Eteläpelto emphasizes.


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New openings in Hansakortteli

An international success story, Beyond Retro, will bring vintage and retro fashion to Turku during the autumn. Three other new tenants bringing international trends to Turku are Crazy Bubble, a bubble tea bar, Vietnamese snack restaurant Bánh mì Baar and Italian Restaurant 450, all opening this autumn. Legendary Kosken Leipomo bakery shop and café will present local flavors in these autumn openings.

Beyond Retro, renowned for its extensive and carefully curated vintage and retro fashion selection, is expanding its presence to Hansakortteli. The first Beyond Retro store opened in London 21 years ago. In late summer, Hansakortteli also welcomed Wolt Market, a grocery store where products are ordered through the Wolt application and delivered to customers' homes. Additionally, the eagerly awaited Pizzeria 450°C, described as an Italian delicacy haven, will open in Hansakortteli during October.

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Successful Safety Pilot in Turku City Center

Turku City Center Association (Turku Center), along with city center operators such as Hansakortteli and the City of Turku, agreed to cooperate on matters related to the safety of the city center earlier this summer. From the beginning of July to the end of August, a representative of the security company patrolled the city center on weekdays and Saturdays.

The purpose of this service was to observe safety-related incidents in the city center, report them, and assist pedestrians with guidance and answers to any questions that may arise. The security guards also cooperated with other safety entities in the city center.

During the pilot period in the summer, observations were made regarding the overall safety situation and factors affecting the sense of safety among those visiting the city center. 

“All in all, the quick pilot period during the summer was successful. The service had a positive impact on the sense of safety because the employees of the participating companies had direct contact with the security guard. Now, we also have documented observations of the safety situation during the busy summer and other service needs in the city center,” says director of Turku Center Kirsi Eronen

Building upon the results and observations from the summer pilot program, a concept will be developed to offer accessible services and guidance related to safety and well-being in Turku city center.

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The Hansailmiö sale campaign started on Wednesday, October 4th, and will run until Sunday 8th of October.

Visitors will be enticed to the event through various means, including a home-delivered brochure, a digital campaign, and an extensive program offering. Hansailmiö will feature many different interesting phenomena, for example there will be a grand edible artwork made of local ‘Piispis’ doughnuts, a LEGO world, meet & greet with Finland’s most popular YouTubers, and a welcome event for those who have moved  to Turku during  2023, in collaboration with the City of Turku.

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“Hansa is a meeting place for young people in the city center, and we have gained many new customers of various age groups. Our sales have increased significantly after the move. As we have now bigger store than before, we are able to expand our assortment”, says Saku Eloranta, the entrepreneur of Puolenkuun Pelit, as reported in Turun Sanomat on September 5, 2023, explaining why they moved to Hansakortteli.

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